Meredith Stoner, Beth Kelly, Tiffanie Lanmon & Peanut Butter photo by  Marissa Macias

Meredith Stoner, Beth Kelly, Tiffanie Lanmon & Peanut Butter
photo by Marissa Macias

LEMON juice

LEMON is comprised of three partners who offer a wide spectrum of talents and services including expertise in design, brand strategy, public relations, fundraising, membership programs, e-mail & direct mail marketing, web design & photography.

We partner with national and regional clients to steer momentum behind everything from political campaigns, youth outreach programs and multi-million dollar charitable trusts to restaurant re-brands and launching food and wine festivals.


Beth Kelly

Beth is most proud of her long history of working for non-profit organizations. At Telluride Historical Museum she was part of a team that grew membership by 55% and program attendance by 255%; since 2011 she’s managed all communication efforts of the Telluride Medical Center and has also served as a board member for a theatre troupe, women’s leadership group and local radio station. Her passion projects have included the Bartender's Daughter column; Big Colorado Love (an apparel company that dedicates 10% of profits to Colorado charities); and Scrappy Mtn Mama, a free zine.

Meredith Stoner

It was as a Women’s Studies major at The University of Texas that Meredith discovered her passion for tackling difficult and important issues. She has spent her entire adult life dedicated to working for underserved populations. Meredith looks at systems and asks, “How can we make this better?” As founder of The Creative Mass, an Austin start-up, she brought great design to the masses — not just those who could afford it. At LEMON Meredith demonstrates her expertise as a designer and strategist with a dogged eye for detail.

Tiffanie Lanmon

A true renaissance woman, Tiffanie is an illustrator, graphic designer, copywriter, photographer, web designer and an accomplished composer, having produced several soundtracks for full-length feature and documentary films. After nearly a decade working for the American Cancer Society, Tiffanie has an outstanding ability to listen even better than she talks: a quality that truly shines when she translates nuanced messaging into artful and provoking design.